Condominium Management

Condominium Management

Your property manager will not manage more than eight (8) condominium buildings within his or her portfolio of properties. Premier Asset Management Inc., will also assign no less than three staff members to assist in the management of your property. Your property manager will be your main contact. The property manager will be assisted by an accounting and administrative assistant. 

Free Reserve Fund Plan

Eighty five percent of all reserve fund studies reflect a shortfall in the condominium corporation reserve fund.     Premier Asset Management Inc., will review your reserve fund study and implement a five year reserve fund plan. This service is provided free of charge to all our clients.   Premier Asset Management Inc., will contribute and provide funds directly to the condominium corporation reserve fund. A unique tax deductible program allows the property management company to contribute directly to the reserve fund. 

Please contact our office for more details on this program.  Reserve Funds

Premier Asset Management Inc., is pleased to offer you the opportunity to contribute a minimum of $9,000.00 to your condominium reserve fund over five years. 

Is your condominium reserve fund underfunded?

Allow Premier Asset Management Inc., to show you how to replenish your reserves without raising condominium fees.  Please contact us for more details on our condominium property management services. This program allows you to contribute an additional $1,800.00 per year directly to your reserve fund without having to increase owners condominium fees.